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Joseph A. Gibbs, Attorney at Law is a civil litigation law firm specializing in
Real Estate Law, Business Law, Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution.

Our experienced legal counsel represents both large and small companies across all industries. We have a reputation for drafting rock-solid agreements for a wide range of business matters and you can expect us to exceed your expectations.


Joseph A. Gibbs has decades of practical real estate law experience, residential and commercial. This is crucial for your peace of mind when buying and selling real estate. Your legal counsel should be well-versed in all facets of real estate law.


We provide assistance from negotiation to mediation or aggressive litigation if necessary. As a recommended arbitrator for Riverside County, you can feel confident that Joseph A. Gibbs will foster the best possible outcome.

We have been a proud partner in the growth and development of the businesses we have served for more than 40 years in the Coachella Valley.

Palm Springs Motors and Fiesta Ford have worked with Joe Gibbs for over 30 years. We consult Joe on every major business and financial issue that affects our dealerships.

Paul Thiel, President and Chairman of the Board, Palm Springs Motors

Our family has been in the farming business for over 75 years in the Coachella Valley. For over 30 years Joe has been protecting our business interests.

Joe Kitagawa, Golden Acre Farms, Golden Acre Farms

One of the best business decisions we ever made was to bring Joe Gibbs on Board to handle our legal affairs.

Penny Nelson, Tradition Aviation